Just in case we need positive body identification...

Greetings Loyal Team Seagal Fans! We will all look like true soldiers now. Key word: *look.* Thanks to one of our friends over at Team Spackler, our families have a much greater chance of identifying our bloated corpses if one of us happens to fall in the heat of battle, and be found trail-side. I think this is the only time in recorded history that the phrase "Cock-Puncher" has ever ended up on a set of dog tags:

These will be distributed shortly, although we need Shoe Minister's forwarding address.

We'll look much better than these actual soldiers:

In other news, big Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Mason Storm, who were finally married over the weekend! Make sure you punch him in the fa... give him a handshake when you see him.

-C. Ryback


Marc said...

I can't wait to crash somewhere in the woods of WI only to have someone find my unconscious body and say "Oh good, he has dog ta...what the heck?"
Congrats again Mason!

Anonymous said...

Delicious Pabst and T.o.M.?
A place to learn about facial hair, wrist snapping, and more Delicious Pabst?

Where will the masses gather for the teaching?

Chris Wurster said...

So when addressing Cock-Puncher is it "Sgt. Cock-Puncher Sir" or "Pvt. Cock-Puncher drop and give me twenty"