Seen at Tour of Missouri, St. Louis

Teh Funs were to be had in downtown St. Louis today, despite the threat of rain. Rain had in fact shown up in force this morning, with its good friend, tornado-like wind. Seen at teh races:

When it comes to cycling, Rock Racing defines "baller."

As pointed out by Eddie, the weirdest water fountain:

People were utterly confounded by our line of propped bikes. This guy was actually taking a picture, so I took a picture of him taking a picture:

It is so amazing that the sweep van/broom wagon is sponsored by Bissel:

The new urban hipster fixie trend:

Rare Furby sighting, taken before commencing fraternization:

Apparently it was short-shorts day in St. Louis (ugh...):

1.7 seconds before the finish - the Liquigas guy was teh winnar:

This girl was having lots of trouble brushing her hair:

Don't forget, people - Burnin' at the Bluff is right around the corner. Don't get too excited about CX until this race is behind you - it is taking place at this address:

-C. Ryback


Nico Toscani said...

Who's "Eddie" and what is all over his shorts?

Boz said...

You need a ride out to Pain Street Saturday night??? I'm driving! Gots room for 1 more.

Robert T. Metz said...
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