Thickening Up and Spicy...My Sauce That Is

Hey all, Shop Minister here, greetings from the North. I have a race report from the John Muir endurance race in WI. And as I said, unlike my last race, my sauce is thickening up and spicy.
As I was driving by myself to ride the 6 hour solo I couldn’t but help but think how I miss the rest of the Seagal crew. In a sense, I was dreading the possibility of riding for six hours by myself. I am awful used to riding the trails in a Seagal dominated train. But alas, it was a beautiful 60 degree day and I had gotten the day off so I stayed positive.
I figured that I would be middle pack judging by last performance. I had a goal of keeping a 12mph pace, if I could do that I would be stoked. At the start I was near the front because I just can’t turn that off, I figured I would back off and settle in after the first lap. Otherwise, I knew I would blow apart like a full-suspension Next off a 6 foot drop.
On the first lap I started talking to guys while we were riding. It made the ride more interesting. Second lap, I hung with the group even though we were flying. Third lap I made a decision, I was going to keep up the pace as long as I could because riding and talking with the others was making the race more fun, at least for me( sorry Jones, Dan, Jon, and Travis if I was getting on your nerves). I was back on the single speed, so by keeping up with the geared monsters I was starting to cramp up, big time. I was riding above my head, and definitely above my fitness level.
In the end 34x17 for 6 laps at 12.8mph will get you a little over 63 miles in 5:08:56 and 2nd place. It’ll also make it feel like your muscles are on the outside of your skin the next day. I missed 1st by 7 seconds in a 5 hour race and I didn’t even know it!
A few self-cell phone pics to document the day:

Full Results


Mason Storm said...

6ft drop? More like 6in drop...those things are POS's. Man it is good to hear another report from our " The Good Land" connection, and well down on the finish!

Casey Ryback said...

Nice f-ing work! How'd you not know you were so close? You should have been able to see the choad-bag at that close of a margin! Way to crush the competition handily!

I'm about to unleash the 3rd anchor for the day.

Marc said...

Well Coach, the end was all types of twisty-turny within a lot foliage. And the guy that beat me was a monster, I thought for sure he was out for his 7th lap.

Casey Ryback said...

Turns out you are now also a monster, I mean, Monstor.

Sandbox/Gino said...

Whoa, whoa... cell phone pics?
But seriously major congrats. Glad to see that you weren't permanently enchanted by the world of geared mountain bikes, a land occupied by the slow and nonballer.

CockPuncher said...

Shop Minister--EXTREMEly well done. A most awesome job of inspiring A Flock of Seagals for next weekend's Burnin'. Glad to hear you were able to meet some folks, too. Later...'Puncher

Nico Toscani said...

I am so shadowing Gino's comments, that is, you cant never expect your sauce to be thick n' spicy and rich like your havin it now if you are out fartin around in gearie land click-clickin about.
34x17 is an admirable gear Ministor-Monstor.

FelletBrazing said...

Well done my friend! Congrats.

That's ok you didn't see 1st place. If you had tried to go around him at the last minute, he would have sprinted, leaving you and your freight train building up steam. ha!

But really... good job!

Doctor said...

Nicely done sir. I heard there was a rash of crushed nuts up north, I had no idea you were the cause of this phenomenon. I have sauce on my shirt.

Team Trail Monster said...