Bubba #5

So Bubba #5 was a momentous day in the 2008 Bubba series. Team Seagal showed up in force with a total of 6 warriors ready to do battle. Casey, the Doctor, Cockpuncher, and Lt. Col lined up for the start of the C race.

The team did some major wrist snapping during the race with Lt Col. bringing home 2nd and maybe more had the race not got cut short.

Coach showing the proper way to hurdle a barrier with a ladies frame bike.

The vertically and laterally compliant steed:

Lt Col.

The Doctor


Nico and myself, Gino, lined up to do battle in the B race. Nico had just moved up after regularly podiuming in the C race. He needed to find some fresh wrists.

Me digging deep against the pain that course dished out, churning over tacky mud over and over again in the lowers.

I finished 14th with Nico right behind at 16th. 1-2 among the singlespeeds.

Now for the part of the race you heard your mother talking about to your aunt Linda over the phone... Did it really happen? Yes it did. At least twice:

Alas that was not enough for Ryan. With just a couple of laps to go Nate Rice just took off. Instant gap and grew it all the way to the end. From what I hear no one has seen Nate since with many believing he has been undergoing a constant barrage of tests to verify that he really is human.

For the more human among us Team Seagal has got your back.

The race was so painful we even witnessed one A racer ride around the uphill barrier. We've decided to protect his identity and refer to him as Lartin Mang.

Complete galleries here and here.

Night Cross at Creve Coeur is going to be AMAZING! Better be ready.


Doctor said...

Scrape the goose shit into a jar. Piss in the jar. Attach a balloon to the top. ferment in the sun. Sell to Robort (he loves Jenkem.) Nice job to Team Seagal's B race singlespeed squad. I always knew Nico was a sandbagger.

Nico Toscani said...

ALL ITALIC POST - robort and Coach love Jenkem...AAAAAAAA