Night Cross is Coming

Appropriate costume/dress for Night Cross may include but is not limited to the following:

A Dermatophyte

Nick Nolte:

One-Hit Wonder:

A Bottle Opener:

Son of Braveheart - Queerheart:

Spongebob Fat-Pants:

A Jewelry Store:

The Food Chain:

A douchebag/goth:

Just a few helpful suggestions. Night Cross will be awesorme. 6pm - in the main lot of Creve Coeur Lake, by the boat ramps and the restrooms. Be there or be an asshole. Hahahahahaha....

- C. F. Ryback

1 comment:

Doctor said...

Looks like the line up for a good cage match. My money is on the bottle opener. Does that count as having a second vagina? Where is her first vagina?