Non-Race #3 - Chubb Challenge - Staircase footage!

Greetings Loyal Team Seagal Fans! I have a gift for you, especially all of you who came and rode Chubb with us back in June. Thanks to Faisal, we have footage of the staircase session(and many other things.) As it turns out, I am more lazy than not lazy, and didn't know how to upload to Youtube. As it turns out, it's incredibly easy, I just never really tried. So here you go, proof that it can be done, not just hearsay.

3:48 is when Christian starts successful his run!


-C. Fucking Ryback


Christian Stitz said...

The greater feat, in my opinion, was Casey "F'ing" Ryback's near successful attempt on his rigid SS.

By the way, can you nickname a nickname?

Or is it a nickname?......

Casey Ryback said...

But man, that was ugly attempt.

The "f'ing" part comes from Under Siege 2 when the nerdy computer guy finds out that Steven Seagal (Casey Ryback) is causing another setback in their nefarious scheme.

Doctor said...

You did come pretty F'ing close to F'ing making it coach.

Brian said...

Almost having sex means you're still a virgin...enough said.

Dan Schmatz said...

I rode up those things in the early 90's Prolly 1991. Jeff Powell and some guys from IL saw it which makes it even more funny that when I rode with you guys I wouldn't ride down!

Next summer you need to bring a crew out here. I can put you up in Steamboat and we can just roll.