Hey, who let these jerks in?

After a few short months here in Milwaukee a Team Seagal squad has formed. Tonight was the first time we were all under one roof. There were a couple of soldiers who could not make it, but this represents the lion's share of the team. The mood was electric as visions of race domination and PBR decimation were planned out for deuce double aught nine. Like a 16 year old girl I whipped out my phone to take some myspace quality pictures, but I couldn't get the guys to hang on each other and throw their margaritas in the air. So instead, I have some blurry shots of us drinking PBR and and having a good time in a corner pub.

Ian (look how fast he is, blurry even in still photos) and Ryan
Andy and Tony. You may recognize Andy from this, #1 on youtube.

Tony and Terminator-eyed styled Ministor

In the words of the Revenge of the Nerds hero Louis "It's going to be a great year Gilbert."

the ministor


Sandbox/Gino said...

That is the BEST fixed gear skid video EVER!!!!

Doctor said...

That is an amazing video, I watched it like 6 times. I think the bar has been raised on your no handed track stand Ministor. What a bunch of jerks. Oh and don't mention 16 year old girls in front of Robort, you know how he gets.

Casey Ryback said...

Yeah, I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with how you ended your sentence about 16 year old girls.

Yes, 2009 shall be glorious.

Mason Storm said...

The Milwaukee chapter is looking good, not good like Robort is thinking but good like hell yeah!

Chris Wurster said...
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Chris Wurster said...

How soon will the team kit feature a chapter patch at the bottom like the Hells Angels?

Casey Ryback said...

holy shit that was AMAZING! Just got a chance to watch the video - if only we could somehow incorporate that video into our jersey design, I would be happy! You win!

Nico Toscani said...

Young Andy is wearing the same shirt in his crash video as he is wearing while drinking delicious PBR in the photo. Did you crash again that night Young Andy in your crash shirt?