Map From Middlefork Trailhead

As I sit here listening to Testament pummel my mind into submission with their furious riffs and gutteral vocals, I envision the inside of my brain morphing into a wrist as it is snapped. It is at that moment that I collapse into a pile, much like... well, I was just about to use an analogy, but it would be really difficult to not make it sound Robort-esque. So I give up. Just know that Testament fucking rocks.

Instead, today I come bearing a gift! Don't say I/we never gave you anything.

This map is located on the bulletin board at the tiny gravel parking lot at the intersection of 32 and DD, literally just 3 miles down the road from the entrance to Council Bluff. It's not a topographical map, but it does show nearly everything from highways to faded doubletrack. Oh yeah, and every section of Ozark Trail that is rideable in the area. The trail shows up much better on the full version, and it should print clearly up to a medium-sized wall-poster. I called the right people, and managed to acquire a .PDF file of this map (in greater resolution than the above image.) If you want this map, I made the file available here:


If this doesn't work, let us/me know in the comment section and I can email it to you. It's a ~4MB file. (When you click, it will take you to the file-sharing website, click "download file" and then you'll have to select "download at limited speed.")

In other news, the weather this leading up to Rim Wrecker should prove to make for a messy race. So bring your Superior Attitude and Superior State of Mind, because you'll need it!

-Casey F. Ryback


Team Trail Monster said...

Maybe you all should check out these hot links to the GPS files...courtesy of OTA and the talented John Roth.
or maybe this link to the Google Earth Flyover of 227.5 miles of the OT: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/4690393/12534762

1x1head said...

I said keep it on the DL. Oh, the pain you have wrought!