Team Seagal has a fever, and the only cure is MOAR MIDDLEFORK!

Attention Team Seagal Fan. We here at Team Seagal Headquarters have had a bug lately, and it seems that it's only cure is to ride Middlefork at least once a week. So far I have been fortunate to be on this prescribed ride for the past 3 weeks in a row, and I must say it just keeps getting better each week! Today we found Nico, Gino, and yours truly TMS(tropical mason storm) packed and headed south towards the singlespeed promiseland. Even after some serious "methed out" gas station clerks, pooping in the woods and then finding a timex(btw anyone need a new watch it's on the log!), OT parkinglot supermans, some serious trailside repair...I think Gino's freewheels wrist's were snapped!, Nico falling asleep at the creek from being too fast, Ceaser Milan's dog army of doom, finding the future home of the "new" team seagal headquarters, a dropped chain/stem to the nuts on the last climb!, Gino throwing dishes at Dos Primos, and finally 48 points of pleasure. We here still made sure the the only thing that got served today was middlefork itself! I will keep this short and let the pictures speak for themselves, and I will leave you all with this little piece of advice... If you have yet to take the journey into the interior of the Ozark Trail system, and take part in what could be the best MO has to offer us "Hill Bikers" please contact us here at the headquarters and we will gladly escort you on the way to true enlightenment!

M. Storm


Casey Ryback said...

Fucking shit, I missed it. Fucking work.

Know this:
1) I love that mountain-stream style house
2) That is an uber-gay pose of Mason

Did you guys start at Council Bluff this time?

Casey Ryback said...


I want to know why the Nico relieved his mustache of its post? With whom am I going to 'stache it up at Syllamo's?

Sandbox/Gino said...

Just looked it up, apparently chunky dunk is really fat people skinny dipping. Hopefully the lions club, or church or whoever put up that sign doesn't have a fondness for Council Bluff Lake. Don't let your mind picture it! Oh the horror!

Mason Storm said...

Bikerfox eat your heart out!

Doctor Goscinski said...

I think there is a chunky dunk festival going on at CB this weekend. Parts of the trail are likely to be totally submerged as the water in the lake rises with each new dunker. If it's any consolation I heard that the women are easy.

In other news, Tropical Storm Mason is heading up the new freestyle division of Team Seagal

Casey Ryback said...

I thought Chunky Dunk was a candy bar? OR maybe that is just when I drop something into my 2 liter bottle of butthash.

Team Trail Monster said...

Fella's ur gonna wear a groove in that thar singletrack...go North and wear in some of that sweet new dirt on the Trace. It could use some lovin'.

Pss..TTM is Bringin' ur biggest fan to Wrist Wrecker this weekend.

After OC TTM will have to make a MMF(Mid-week Middle Fork)ride with TS.

Team Trail Monster said...

psss...TS check our blog to see a pic of "The Best" birthday gift ever. Perfect fit! ;)