This Week in Seagal Riding

Greetings, Loyal Team Seagal Fans and Jerks. And by Jerks, I'm referring to Eddie, Boz, Furby, and Assy-McJerkerson.

Actually, before I tell you about our badass riding, check out the newly established blog for our much-ballyhooed Team Seagal Milwaukee (MKE) Chapter!

This wednesday should be a good day, specifically a good day in which to ride around Council Bluff (NOT PLURAL!) The last week has seen a couple of assaults on the Council Bluff fortress, both being 100% victorious, unlike the French Maginot Line. Looking to build on that success, you should be able to find myself, Drew, the Boston Bling, and Mr. Albert down there again doin' Rim Wrecker training; shooting for 3 laps. Me with my new spring up front should have much less discomfort. You're only invited if you are extreme. And by extreme, I mean Mountain Dew Extreme:

In other ride news, Wild Trak Bikes in Alton, IL are hosting their yearly big training ride. (ROUTE) Something like 80+ miles of some pretty hilly business. I know we're supposed to stay the hell out of Illinois, but we figure that since we're under escort, we're good to go. You should come along, the pace is supposed to be "casual." 11AM this Sunday.

This commercial is also awesorme, for three reasons: 1) It's another Extreme Mountain Dew Commercial. Those are awesorme. 2) It's got Robort's name written all over it. 3) At 00:14 sec it has this girl on rollerblades (not extreme) being towed over the roof of a building by a HELICOPTER and ramping from rooftop to rooftop. (Very Extreme.)

FYI, the Pink Floyd song "Dogs" from their under-rated album "Animals" (possibly my favorite PF song) draws an AMAZINGLY poignant parallel to the whole Bernie Madoff scandal. You should listen to it ASAP.

Just thought you'd like to know.

-Casey F. Ryback

***EDIT*** Mitch the Masher, being someone who has had his pain-glands removed, has concocted another Death By Hills ride. It's longer and harder. It would be a full century.



Brian said...

Jerk or sensei. I feel like I taught DA9DR Something by having him follow me on every downhill (until I blew up).

Your soldiers have much to learn about railing descents and keeping their fingers off of the brake levers.

Casey Ryback said...

That is a complete fabrication. I could make it rain all day on all downhills. Show me one, and I'll beat you down it.

Brian said...

Nuh-uh! I'll race you down any hill, anywhere. A Hundred bucks to the Robort huffs jenkem fund if I lose. I get the hundred if I win.

Everybody wins.

Disclaimer: I don't actually pay unless Robort does jenkem...you pay me no matter what.

Are you in?

DA9DR's Amazing Blog said...

It was interesting to study your habits young Furby, interesting indeed. I admit I was shaky at the beginning, but had you not been so far back by the end of the ride you would have seen my graceful, no dabs flossing of the rest of the trail, rock garden included. It is early in the season young Furby, early indeed. Where's my 8-ball you jerk?

Brian said...

The eightball fund has now been converted to the "Robort huffs jenkem...2009" fund. Nobody gets any drugs until Robort smokes crap. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules, you guys do.

JeffB said...

I think I see a few opportunities. What about taking Old Sulphur instead of the Sulphur Springs hill just south of Manchester? It's not a sheer cliff, but it is a good, sustained hill.

Are you planning on looping back up Sulphur just south of Big Bend? That's a good one as well. . .

Casey Ryback said...

Jeff, I like this idea. Old Sulfur Springs is quite a gnarly hill to hit within the first .25 mile! We should totally do that.

DA9DR's Amazing Blog said...

When is said death ride taking place. I like death rides.

Boz said...

My money is on the Furbs. No offense CFR, but Brian used to run a school for recovering fingerbangers didn't he???