Dirt Crit #1, initial recap

Greetings to all Team Seagal Fans, and high praise to all who participated. I just wanted to briefly share a photo that was actually taken of my mind during my time in the B Race tonight. For roughly 35 minutes, this depicts quite accurately what was going on in my mind, muscles, and central nervous system (pain, mayhem, chaos):

If this photo offends you, our lawyers have informed us to advise that you do not look at it.

Actual photos to come, I'm sure. Huge, badass turnout. Also, my idea to race an old vintage bike that is old-as-dirt seems to be wearing off on others - there were at least 2 or 3 other old, stupid bikes. There was also an fairly sizable number of spectators! Thanks to all involved, and sorry about all those snapped wrists that were left on the trail.

Middlefork this Sunday. See previous post!

-Casey F. Ryback

EDIT: Actually overheard by Gino after the C race from one racer to another: "I'd shake your hand but I just threw up on it."


Team Trail Monster said...

Awesorm!!!! I finished and not last, sooner or later I will kick every one of the those Junior racers ass!


Davey B said...

those east coast fools sure know how to party! note the Hartford Whalers shirt on the left and the Fitchburg state College football jersey on the right...

CockPuncher said...

Alpine Shop Jason was the puker in question. That's two consecutive trips to Cwood that resulted in his "uneating" his lunch...Punchor