Photos from Friday's Ride

These photos show Gino, Nico, The Doctor, and myself riding the Colorado Trail.

Today's SSWC race was the hardest course of all time. It is literally impossible to make a mountain bike course anywhere NEAR as hard as this one in Missouri. Holy fucking shit.

Moar to come.

-Casey Fucking Ryback


Scott said...

I rode under that water fall a couple years ago.... Crazy how much bigger it is in person. If i remember correctly, the down hill leading up to it wasnt bad eiter.

Have any of those PBR's left?

CockPuncher said...

So are any of you guys having a good time out there? Man, that looks like fun. I am heading out to Interbike in Vegas tomorrow. I'll meet up w/ Cory and will be sending updates and photos of the new Kona line, among other things. Dirt demo on Tuesday, then the show Wednesday and Thursday. Much PBR will be consumed.

Brian said...

I found the Colorado Trail fairly enjoyable when I rode it a few years ago.

You jerks can expect toilets full of deuces and ace juice in your front yards upon returning to your domiciles. Even you Doctor. I know people in Arizona.

Hoffmeyer knows I'm not playing.

Keep the faith. Energor, be with you.

Boz said...

Remind me to kick all of you in the nut sack....really hard!

TeamSeagal said...

It's easy to hide from Boz, just go mountain biking on any trail - he'll never go there! hahah

PBRs are consumed, Scott. There will be plenty at CX and Burnin', though... You better be there!

Scott said...

I suck.. cant make Burnin this year. I had a steller reputation to maintain down there.... Some one has to carry the torch for me this year. Hold it high, set shit on fire, then fall on your face.

Stupid weddings....

Jim said...

It's a bummer you guys had to travel so far to ride crappy trails, especially the one with the bridge... I have a framed pic from 1993 of me standing on that bridge with 2 friends, Ned, and Ned's red Specialized Stumpjumper Duralcan, complete with Tioga tension disk (not brakes) rear wheel. That was a supremely badass bike from a time when you guys were probably still shitting in your shorts.

Looking forward to seeing you fellas at Burnin'.