Middle Fork XC Top 25 Registrants

1. Cock Punchor SS
2. Stephen Chesley SS
3. Dan Miller M
4. Gabrielle Renner F
5. Rob Ballou M
6. Scott Nelson SS
7. Wendy Davis F
8. Jeff Yielding M
9. Roger Mackay M
10. Drew Black M
11. Barry Vollmer SS
12. Christian Stitz M
13. Todd Holtman M
14. Nico Toscani SS
15. Scott Peipert M
16. Karen Holtman F
17. Rock Wamsley M
18. Bob Jerkins M
19. Lukas Lamb M
20. Mitch the Mashor M
21. Taggart SS
22. Karl Kimbell SS
23. John Hatcher SS
24. Brian Busken SS
25. Jason Pryor M



Casey Ryback said...

holy fuck. this will be teh awesormz. prepare you taints!

~Bob said...

Fawkin A!! I can finally stop clicking teh refresh button and begin taint preparation

Scott said...

Fuck this shit. I will shit all over you fuck face. Has that ever happened to you??

borb said...

I seem to recall paying a Singapore hooker 37 cents to do that very thing back in the spring of '86...a sweet gal she was. Hard to ignore the hairlip, but a great conversationalist

Casey Ryback said...

Boob, you should have stopped through hong kong - i found the same thing for 24 cents, and there was no hairlip. unfortunately though, the conversation boiled down to her wanting to talk about nothing buy Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd. Now that I think about it, totally not worth it.

Scott said...

Sorry for my shitty fucking launguage..... Beer talks for me some times. But, maybe the other wild trak rider who brought a stipper home and got shit on by her influenced my post. Yeah, that happened.

Scott said...