Burnin, BT Epic, and CXMAS!

Good day loyal Team Seagal followers. It's been a long time with no post here, and at Team Seagal HQ we are very appreciative of your patience. Besides we know no matter how much we are jerks to you, you'll keep coming back for more. More coarch crotchiness, more toscani jerkiness, more of lawman's deafening "enthusiasm", and more free delicious Pabst! Yes being a Team Seagal follower is being a part of one giant dysfunctional relationship. Your welcome.

Anyway... apparently packing, moving, and unpacking the world's most valuable collection of jenkem jars is quite an intensive undertaking, and has left our very own Coach CFR unable to find the time to type the beautiful* poetry that is the typical Team Seagal post.
*Beautiful in the sense of an elephant giving birth. Yes it's the miracle of new life, but did I have to see that while attempting to eat my cheerios. (And isn't it amazing that listening to a LIVE song isn't the worst thing you experienced in the last 2 minutes)

STL's claimed to be most pro of pro embraced his inner slowness and gayness and took the Mesa crew up to first in the SS division. Nico crushed out his trademark 7, all solo and single. Sasha amazed us all fighting to the end. CFR, Gino, and special guest Christian Stitz took third in SS. Just don't ask Coach about that last climb up to the campground (unless he just pissed you off and you want to make him feel bad). Several people got lost attempting to navigate away from the power of the PBR kegs. If you would ever like to take a tour of Council Bluff's mysterious lost roads seek out the guidance of this guy or this guy. You'll need at least one case of beer to get them ready.

BT Epic:
Damn that was one hot and dusty race! Nico snapped many a wrist on his way to second place in SS. That is all.

CXMAS will be back this year. Keep an eye on the CXMAS blog in the coming weeks to get the lowdown. Those of you who did the MFXC nonrace know how things are pretty much going to work from now on. This is the last time CXMAS 2010 will be mentioned on this blog. If your friends missed this post, don't leave em hanging. Let them know where to find out more. No whining about forgetting the CXMAS blog address after this post goes away. You've got a bookmark feature on your browser... use it.


CockPuncher said...

Thanks for the update, Jerkward. I am currently in Rand Paul country (KY) snapping the wrists of Land Between the Lakes singletrack and crushing hippie girls' heads with my Sidi's. I will have a photo laden update upon my return. Good day, Jerks....Punchor

~Bob said...

Damn I miss you guys!

CXMAS shall truly be another monumental ride, I cannot wait. I'll begin postcard preparations immediately.

Make ready for the upcoming gravel series as well, which can only be looked upon as CXMAS training. The Dirty Jenkins is coming to a taint near YOU!!


New East Coast Syndicate said...

Coach, perhaps it is time for the two superpowers, well at least one superpower and it's wholly owned subsidiary, to join forces for the ultimate holiday season race - CXmas/Beer Cross. Everyone would be able to ring in the holidays with streams of egg nog puke!
Well done to Nico Jerkwad and the crew at Burnin'!

underscore said...

biking, eggnog, and pabst. this is true badass aristocratic awesomeness. i'm going to tattoo the CXMAS url onto my right butt cheek so that i shall never forget it.