Oh Yes We Climbed the Hills

Good day. Did you go on a ride today? We did. I hope you were there to receive your death from them hills- NO ONE can hide from the hills. You can expect Coratch to string together some very fancy word groupings to describe the experience very soon. Until then, here is the Garmin Link from the 2011 Death By Mutha Fuckin' Hills ride as recorded from my hybrid. Stay Cool, thanks for stopping by.



Ben_G said...

a fucking hybrid for this ride!?-nico you must be superman's twin.
btw, am so sad I was unable to join the fun. but my loins were not girded enough.

CockPunchor said...

Nicorn, you, Peat & Stove are not made of the same materials as teh rest of us humans. Watching you jerks go up yonder hills with but one gear was humbling....you JERK. Great time for sure. And Mrs. Thrashor's cakes made my day! Can't wait 'til next time....Punchor

T-tocs said...

I am a jerk!