2011MFXC Non Racer Start List

1) Nico Toscani SS
2) Steve Friedman SS
3) Peat Henry SS
4) Cock Puncher SS
5) Lisa Troehler F
6) Craig Thrasher SS
7) Rob Ballou M
8) Marc Engelhardt M
9) Jason Pryor M
10) Scott Peipert M
11) Todd Davenport SS
12) Joshua Stockwell SS
13) Randy Anderson SS
14aka69) Chris Wurster SS
15) Jeff Yielding M
16) Team Breslin SS
17) Karl Kimbel SS
18) Barry Volmer SS
19) Nick Smith SS
20) Sasha Petrosevich F
21) Dan Bruns SS
22) Matt Hayes SS
23) Bob Jenkins M
24) Sarah Worthington F
25) Christopher Connolly M
26) Giovanni Fondolinni M
27) Bryan Adams SS
28) Chris Davis SS
30) Jason Zoll SS
31) Tom Lauria M
32) Craig Seibert M
33) Matt Stacey M
34) Stephen Venters SS
35) Dan Dougan M
36) Gabrielle Renner F
37) John Lake M
38) Tom Marsh M
39) Al Ebert M
40) Mike Barro SS
41) Joshua Clark M
42) Josh Picker M
43) Jon Donjoian SS
44) David Smith M
45) Chris Smentkowsky M
46) Brad Wadlow M
47) Larry Koester SS
48) Scott Nelson SS
49) Trail Bling SS
50) Matt James M
51) Mary Piper F
52) Matthew Ochs SS
53) Todd Holtman M
54) Karen Holtman F
55) Keaton Haire SS
56) John Jones SS
57) Chris McRae M
58) Caleb Hulsey M
59) Travis Hammons M

16 spots left, last day to send you postcards to me is March 28 2011. Go HERE for the deets! If you are one of the lucky 59 you should recieve some top secret awesome shit in the mail by this time next week, and if your not on the list and your not Brian Shoemaker....whats wrong wit u?


Mason Storm


BenG said...

holy shit. wet dreams from now until mfxc.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

I am ready to escalate myself to the status of total jerkdom. I will come armed with a superior attitude, superior state of mind and fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Scott said...

Ahhhh yeah. Storm, what happend to the card contest? I am gonna send a tsumani through potosi when I hit those trails. Too soon?

Nico Goscinski said...

It's still on and a winner will b determined! Bring dat rain maeng!

CockPunchor said...

There is a conspicuous absence of teh DRJ jerks on this list...much like Death by Hills. What are you guys up to??

TeamSeagal said...

Jesus christ, there are a lot of SS entrants.


1x1head said...

CAN'T WAIT, jerks!