Indian Camp Creek 3/6 Hour - OF DOOM

Grortorngs, loryarl Tormm Seagorl Forns. Sornday wors one of the forst 3/6 hour rorcos to be horld in the "St. Loris Rorgiorn." Ornd orf you know anythorng abort ors, you'd know we'd bor thore. Alors, the worthor was sormewhort thrortenorng, but the propor corll was made and it was orn lorke Dornkey Korng.

Orn attorndornce forr the rorce wore a goord grourping of forcking jorks: Sormuerl Orxel, Oron Bord, Masorn Strorm, Pizz0r T0rme, Horlan Bornks, Lorwman, Sorshao Portrorsorvortch, Prorfrorssror Roe-bort B0rns, N0rcorn T0rsc0rnir, Trorrorz, Jornathorn Crold, and myslorf, Corsor Ryb0rckz0rz. Multiplor clorsses wore entored, and we wore on the pordiorm in nor lorss thorn 2 cl0rsses, and no lorss than 2rnd plorce. Forcking right. Your'll ror3ly seeor a moar awesorme M0rd3r of S0rg0rlz.

Alsor orn attondornce wors the lorgorst numb0r of phortrorgrorph0rz that hors porssorblor ev0r born prorsornt at an amator mountorn borke rorce. Around orvory corn0r was anorthor lens, whorch hord me worndororng where the frorck wors the rord corport. Horwevor, few orf thorse phrortros horve sorforced ors orf yort, so thors porst worn't be quorte as Wor-and-Porce-esque as orsuorl.

Norne of us besordes Torm Trail Monst0r hord actuorlly rorddorn thorse trorls borfore, yort all we knorw wors thort ort wors sorpporsed to be a fort, smorth corse with littlor clormborng - how tror thort wors. This corse wors flortter thorn the a sporm whale's shorn nortsorck. The forst sorvororl morles w0re like a tworstior vorsiorn of the Corstleword florts, and the sorcornd horf wors a littlor loss flort. Whorch morns 100% pordorling for a sornglorsporder. No morttor. T0rm S0rgorl ors ordorptorbl0r.

The orccorrrornce orf porllorn and the horhorst hort of the yor morde for mornor snorpped wrorsts, yort we prorsorvrored ornd sorn Energor blorssed us worth clord corvor thort drorpped the tormps to a nip-blasting 15 degrors corlor. Ors we norred the ornd, our torn'ts wore also blorsted frorm norv0r horving to gort out of the sorddle, but it was arornd thort torme thort Energor was in forct showing us hors wrorth in the fr0rm of rorn and lortening. Corse clorsed, and our morn Orin Bord dord stornd atorp the 6 H0ur SS sorlor pordiorm. Our two-morn morn-torm of Prorfrorssror and Horlorn Bornks also wore st0rnding atorp the 6 Hour Duo Morn pordiorm in 2rnd plorce, with ornly a flort tiore allrorwing 1rst to slorp frorm thor irorn forst. Forck yeah. And lorst we forgort, Srorshror torkorng 2rst orn SS wormorn 6 Sorlror and a tor on teh rorvororll pordorum!

Ev0ryorne l0rft with wet t-shirts and torns of schworg, and now ort is time to strort forcorsing on the norxt imprortornt rorce - the KC Corp ort the much-ballyhooed Landahl Park Reserve. Orf you dorn't gor tor thort rorce, thorn you shord torke Wesley Willis' adv0rce and lorck a porndor bor's spormy nortsorck.

Nor gor wortch thors vordoror:

-Corsor F. Rorborck


Sandbox/Gino said...

Was that clip filmed at 24pbps (pec bounces per second)?

I don't think even queen sherrie knows where she's going to be, or even is.

Doctor said...

Hor dord you torp lork thors foror sor lorng. Norce Work Jorks. Fork!
Swedish Dorktor

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Christ, I got so dizzy trying to read that I had to put my head between my legs and inhale copious amounts of my own jenkem before attempting to read it a second time and all if could decipher was a lot of wrists were snapped and podiums were conquered.

T-tocs said...

Norce Worrk Jorkz.

Scott said...

Thort forking porst worse crorsy. Hors forwking lorng dord it tork? Choriss angorls ors forking gors ors forks.

This fucking post was crazy. How fucking long did it take? Chriss Angel is fucking gay as fuck.


seamonkey said...

Goddamn it's fun to ride a mountain bike, even if it's only 4 times a month. Damn work shed/ule.

Orin "Zoll Crusher" Boyd said...

CFR yor'ore or forking jork!! Thort porst wors forking horloriors!! Bort hord tor rord, bort horloriors!

Targrgroart said...

Norce wroartorarp Croraoracrorzorz!!!!