Team Seagal Presents: Taco Tuesday Teardown

Hello, wonderful Team Seagal followers. I bring to you news of a monthly ride we'll be doing starting in April. I know most of you have jobs during the hours of 8am-2pm on a Tuesday, but Energor doesn't care. Neither does this guy-

Tuesdays we will meet at Flaco's parking lot at 8am . Ride leaves at 8:30am. Route headed to CX practice course in Forest Park, figure 20+laps. We want to be back in time for the Teardown- $2 tacos from 11am-2pm. Let's not forgot to thank our wonderful sponsor Flaco's Cocina for such an amazing deal on the best tacos in the damn state of Missouri!

We like having fun on Team Seagal. What's more fun than riding your bike with friends and eating delicious tacos afterwards?...


See you for Teardown #1 April 24th.



New East Coast Syndicate said...

You suck, having a job spoils all the fun.

Doctor said...

Do you think taco's would keep in the mail? When I ride, I like to just toss a couple taco's in my pocket and hop on the bike

TeamSeagal said...


I'll be at Flaco's 4/26(heading straight there after my plane lands around 4pm) for Drinks & Dinner, so any JERKS that want to drink a ton of PBR's and eat a bunch of Mahi Taco's you'll know where to find me.

FU Again,

Mr. WA