Good Day Jerks!!

As many of you know I am a huge Trailer Park Boys fan, maybe too much so. That is why I am proud to say that I not only got to witness a police standoff in the trailer park next to the shop, but I was misquoted on the front page of the paper regarding said standoff. In addition to that, were you to scroll down to the comments on the internet link to the story you may notice that some of the names are those of Trailer Park Boys characters. I am not at liberty to say if I or my co-workers wrote any of those, but we totally did. For reference puurposes, Phill Collins, Jim Lahey, Randy,Ricky and Julian and J-roc. are all characters on the show, and I assure you that the standoff lived up to every stereotype on the show. One of the hostages was wearing a leopard print t shirt night gown, another a sleeveless guns and roses tshirt. Do you really get up in the morning and put on a sleeveless appetite for destruction tour shirt and think your day is going to end well? WTF? ?Anyway the reporter made up my entire quote, the original was much better! Fuck Off. Tomorrow the story will have moved to the latest news section.  Here's a link:


And so, I bid you to fuck right off
Doctor "jesus hightower christ" Mclaren


New East Coast Syndicate said...

So what is the beer goggle factor on the trailer park queen in the leopard night shirt?

Skeet Skeet said...

Great Jerk thinking on your part. That movie is a classic.

Doctor said...

The beer goggle factor is infinity because: by the time you drank enough beer you would pass out. When you awoke, you would immediately try to get drunk enough again only to pass out. repeat. The next thing you know you are getting hauled off by the SWAT team. FU
Dr Wesley "trailer park supervisor" Mclaren