FeC-Kar Update Numero Deuce

Here's another update as the day gets closer...


From what it sounds like I'm not sure how many will be doing the 110 route (you should. it's the best of the two), but for those looking to non-race this is the only option.

I mentioned needing a camera in the earlier post. If you choose to non-race you will be required to take pics along the route to serve as checkpoints. You will then need to show those pics to me at the finish. All of the pic spots will be marked on the map. So take with you whatever you want to use and carry. Most of the pics should be takeable while barely slowing down, much less stopping. Team Seagal assumes no liability for your inability to take a picture while riding. Any falls that may occur are, while hilarious, entirely your own fault. If someone gets a picture of you falling we will reward the picture-taker appropriately.


Maps of the course will appear on this website on Friday morning for your viewing and printing.


Just a reminder that you need to be largely responsible for your own water. I will have 4 water jugs on course at two spots, but since we don't know how many riders/non-racers there will be I wouldn't count on them for most of your water, but you probably don't need to look this guy:

***Also this time of year the water is normally off at Council Bluff campground so you need to bring all of your water with you.***

The forecast is currently calling for rain on Sunday. I might cancel the FeC-Kar (or reschedule) if the weather turns really bad. Rain alone will not cancel it. The weather looks great Friday and Saturday so lets hope it persists into Sunday.

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