Monty's Revenge Update



Anonymous said...

update the blog wtf!

CockPuncher said...

Blue teardrop helmet
sunglasses, rear view mirror
triathlete crashing

Bot166 said...


Upon your web I gaze with glean full eyes awaiting the delicious text you so boldly display. My staffs via world handle bubble at your descriptive. Kindly offer payment in humor or cash of modest earnings of less than thousands but more copies of twenty denominations.

Pam Asia country sides read with want and desire rambles.


Anonymous said...

urinate on self
suck at living, hope you choke
personal best, aero dork

New East Coast Syndicate said...

One can only imagine that Coach is waiting for a spectacular moment on Mt Kohler before penning another fine ditty for all to enjoy.

Doctor said...

cytomax for all fluid intake
only eat oatmeal,bananas,spinach
porta john shit shotgun

Skeet Skeet said...

Alright!! The blog is starting to entertain again!!

Anonymous said...

I suggest a hijacking a la the Robortion blorg of the glorious poo-centric past. Dr? C-Dubs.....enjoy. I type this, btw, whilst perched atop Mt. Kohler.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Has our fearless Coach been kidnapped by Criss Angel?

Jjrazhfg feunce said...

Digital sabbatical

Doctor said...

I have heard rumors of a Spring training camp report to be authored by Masonic Storm and Mr. Tic Tacs. In the meantime, another Tri-Ku

number painted on my clean shaven arm
I see a corner up ahead
roadrash, bloody sleeveless skinsuit

New East Coast Syndicate said...

When the hell is something new going to make it here. My poop chute is fully clogged and requires the deep laughter from within (which only this superior blorg can provide) to release the mother lode on Mt Kohler. I might have to call it the Ryback Release which is usually followed immediately with the Spelling Splashback.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

wetsuit holds sand places deep and far
bike seat grinds my taint so hard
running balls slap my thighs

Casey Ryback said...

You jerks are gettin' me higher than a week long jenkem bender fueled by a japanese businessman convention. There shall be another post - be patient.

Doctor said...

how about a jenkem-ku

2 liter of poo in the sun for weeks
untying the balloon breathing so deep
euphoria, times past, praise Energor

Doctor said...

about the Japanese businessmen, I have been seeing a lot of them lately. a slow, steady invasion of sexual deviants is afoot. pretty soon videos of young girls throwing up in each others' mouths will be network television.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Toilet bowl full of stinking poo
Cloud of jenkem just for you
Inhale sigh enjoy the high

stinkbait666 said...

my toilet should receive an award for the amount of shit it just took down. mini mountain down the drain.

Doctor said...

a mountain inside a mountain. Mt Kohler that is.

Zambian street children
Crude chemists of joy
balloons of euphoria, times past

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Perched atop the Mt Kohler
Tubeset and chainstay being produced
Jenkem Cycles rides again