This Sunday!

Greetings. It was just brought to my attention that this fucking Sunday is in fact the Joe Dirt Ride, put on my the Rolla Giant himself, one Dan Fuhrmann. Here's the info:


There are battle plans being drawn up in the Team Seagal War Room to deploy a strike force, the likes of which Rolla's tain'ts have never seen.

Speaking of things you never seen, I have found another, moar extreme recumbent trike vid. Right of the bat, it starts off fucking extreme:

I got some fancy new tires, and they are so extreme, that they belong on a KMX Trike, right next to the Shimano Megarange 11-34 freewheel and the Camelback water bottle. So... Who's in for some Burley Joe Dirtin'? I'm in.

-Casey F. Ryback


Doctor said...

I am now convinced that you secretly own and ride fairly often, your own recumbent trike! Nothing wrong with that, get rad. The paper today had a column entitled "the early birder gets the worm." Brought on a flashback to Mid October. Speaking of riding with jerks, spring training is right around the corner
ps. You are not allowed to whirlybird in iron county.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Not sure what the archery scene was all about but deep down inside I was hoping one of them would put an arrow right through his head.