Jerkduro #3: No go bro!

There might be plenty of pow pow out there of the white variety (and not the massive amounts that probably passed through the Packwood Estate in the late 80s, secretly coming up the Meramec River), but none of the brown kind. With that snow, ice, and more cold temps for Sunday I expect turnout to be pretty much zero again. So no jerks will be standing around in the cold trying to work cheap stop watches while wearing gloves.


-It's not a bluff view delivery this weekend


Casey Ryback said...

That's good because im seeing double on account of coffee stout

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Truly a drunken posting time

CockPunchOr said...

Fuck this year's winter
Death by Hills will snap my wrists
Is there fat bike class?

New East Coast Syndicate said...

How about a fat ass class?