You Finna Be At Lost Valley Luau, Right, Brah?

Shit, cuh! We gon' be doin' this hurr race urrveywhere at Lost Valley. You finna be thurr? We is. Shi'!
Whaddya gon' do instead, drink some bullshit Miller Fortune beer? Naw.

Fuck. The first mountain bike race of the St. Louis mountain bike racing season is just about here, and for the first time in several years, the chances are good that it WON'T have to be postponed until steaming hot July. Like I said, Fuck! So tell us, what have you been doing to prepare for this? Some of us have been going to Arkansas, to Arizona, or to Illinois to take in the views:

Fortunately for me though, I finally got my new secret weapon delivered, and I'm expecting to get totally equalized, and allow me to completely dominate the all the classes:

Look out, because just because my XT disc brake are awesome, doesn't mean they can always stop my fat ass in time to not run you over.

Anyone planning on doing Tour of Hermann?

The Doughy Rider,
-Casey F. Ryback


Nico Toscani said...

Whoa dough! I'll be there with you and your posse. Can't wait to dance wif yo date.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

I, my man, am putting all my eggs in one basket and am focused tot he point of being cross-eyed for Burnin' until then get mnivannex