2014 AZ Training Camp & The Sedona Big Friggin' Loop

 Greetings Jerks!!! Doctor here. As I sit here in a jenkem haze on the eve of Prescott Monstercross, rubbing yak semen on my elbows and making offerings to Energor, I am still trying to figure out why I signed up for a 50 mile race with 8,000 feet of climbing. It did seem like a better idea than the 70 mile option with 12,000 feet of climbing. The only conclusion I can come to is that Spring Training has worked. You see, Northern Arizona was recently struck by White Lightening. I am not talking about moonshine or shitty chain lube, but one Jerko Toscani's whip loaded with jerks and baller single speed Konas!
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The Polar Express
      A three man strike force consisting of the aforementioned Nico Jerkscani, Jonathan Cold, and Orin "Tit Balls" Boyd piled into said vehicle for a record breaking 19 hour run into beautiful Arizona for the 5th edition of Spring Training. The jerks sped through the night in order to see the San Francisco peaks in time for breakfast.
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Breakfast Palace Omelette
     After a gut busting stop at Martanne's Breakfast Palace, where they have instituted the entirely covered plate policy, the jerks drove the last hour and a half into Prescott where they found a green building containing their Doctor hard at work.
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Ironclad Bicycles
The hardening process began immediately. Many IPAs and Coffee Stouts were consumed while I finished up the last of my work for the week. Once we were all about three deep we decided to go for a ride that would make all the rest of the rides of the week seem easy. Climbing about 1200 ft in 5 miles while you're drunk is no easy task, but Training Camp isn't about easy it's about hardening the fuck up. We got back to the shop 20 miles of trail later ready for some serious food and beer at Prescott Brewing Company. Somewhere downtown we discovered the Ladybug, the shop owner's car, looking good on the streets.
 photo null_zpsc81396a3.jpg
The Boss' rig
     The 5th edition of Spring Training saw perfect weather throughout, temps in the mid sixties and sunny. This is the first year that no snow whatever was involved. Beautiful. Wednesday morning saw the Polar Express pointed in the direction of the 305 trail, one of the best trails in town in my opinion. Combined with the Salida Gulch loop you end up with a great 3 hour ride, which of course left us with a great hunger and powerful thirst for beer.
 photo null_zps1acbd406.jpg
Raijin at The Green Gate (305 trail)

       Bill, of Bill's Pizza fame, has opened a hamburger place called Bill's Grill. You can get as custom as you want. It's even enough food to put Titty down. Look at that monster of burger!

 photo null_zps70d15665.jpg
Titty: Before and After

 photo null_zps8fbc72ab.jpg
Taco the Dog holding' on tight
     That evening we ventured to the campsites a mile up the road from my house, had a little fire and watched the sunset. My dog taco was very excited to have so much company in the back of the truck, her preferred mode of travel. The hardening process was going full steam at this point, with another great ride planned for Thursday.
 photo null_zps815e1218.jpg
Sunset at the top of The Senator Highway

     Tim, the manager at the shop, single speeder, and honorary Seagal, wanted to take us on a ride in town Thursday morning, but suffered a nasty crash Wednesday morning out riding before work. With him sidelined and the Black Canyon trail only an hour away, the choice was clear. White Lightening was once again loaded with fancy single speeds and pointed south for some desert single track goodness. Black Canyon trail is totally different than Prescott riding. Not as much climbing, much twistier, more consistently rocky, and not a tree in sight. A great place to harden the fuck up.

     Anyone who has ridden with Jerkward much, has probably witnessed his uncanny ability to spot underwear and condoms in the wild. In fact at one point during the week I felt like Nico was my guide and we were out on a condom safari. Take this rare velcro equipped pair of BVD's, photographed at the bottom of the 305 trail. There was some speculation that these might belong to our very own C"rot"ch, but we were unable to guess how they may have traveled this far.
 photo null_zps7a80875a.jpg
Coach's BVDs
 photo null_zps5d9571eb.png
Snake in the grass
     This condom was found somewhere near the aspen creek trail head on our first ride of the week. Jerkward clearly has some sort of 6th sense.
 photo null_zps3c18b2d4.jpg
Black Canyon Bloomer
      Here Jerkward has captured something much less likely to give you full blown aids, the bloom on a cactus at Black Canyon. Here you can also see how different the terrain is to the ponderosa pine forests of Prescott. Note the saguaro cactus in the background. Nice work! Nothing works up an appetite like going on condom safari for a few hours so we had no choice but to go back to Bill's grill to get totally fucked. After a nice easy ride on Friday we would be headed to the mystical land of Sedona for Big Friggin Loop.

 photo null_zps269b344b.jpg
Titty and his Burger

 photo null_zpsbe089ab3.jpg
Coconino National Forest secret desert campsite
 photo null_zps433438c1.jpg
Meet the Jerks
 photo null_zps8b99566d.jpg
Brahquitos in the works
    Some people like to taper down and rest a little before a big ride. Not at training camp. After a pretty good week of riding, 50 plus miles of Sedona was looming on the Horizon. My initial plan was to maybe dink a little bit less on Friday with an almost 8 hour ride the next day and all. That plan went out the window as soon as we got camp set up. Almost immediately fire was applied to brahquitos to soak up some of the beer. After chilling by the fire jamming some 90's hip hop we were mentally prepared for the task that lay ahead. We were ready to get totally extreme. Criss Angel at T ball practice extreme.
 photo null_zps684db237.jpg
You know which line in the trail Team Seagal chooses

 photo null_zps3420b163.jpg

       Sedona offers yet another totally different environment. The terrain is rocky as a mofo, with beautiful red rock vistas around every corner. The riding is so fun that it really takes your mind off of how worn out you are by this stage of training camp. The trails are super technical, but oddly flowy at the same time. Sedona Big Friggin Loop is a bucket list ride for sure. For all you jerks that haven't been to training camp yet, start planning for next year now.

 photo null_zps7dfebfb3.jpg
 photo null_zps23095bd3.jpg
Jerkward managed to capture some great photos during the ride to further entice you to join us next year.
 photo null_zps03f86835.jpg
Dr. in Sedona
 photo null_zps62324819.jpg

    After a solid day of riding we were off to Flagstaff to visit Lumberyard brewing for some top notch food and BEER!!!  Another Training Camp in the books. The next morning it was back to the Breakfast Palace to get some Jerks carbo loaded for their drive home. I had so much fun during Big Friggin Loop I went to work on Monday and signed up for some Monster Cross. Now two weeks later my digestive tract has finally recovered, my liver has been battle hardened, and Superior State of Mind has been achieved! Until next time, get totally fucked!!!

 photo null_zps0757bc74.jpg
Doktor in the Chute


TeamSeagal said...

HOLY UNDERWEAR! What a glorious report of turd-fuel, shred sessions, and (though they weren't mentioned, I'm sure they were happening) butt-bongs. Even Taco the Dog made an amazingly blissful, almost euphoric appearance. Truly, this looks to have been an amazing time for all you jerks.

In regards to the underwear, I am pretty sure they aren't mind, as I switched from velcro to safety pins a few years back as my preferred method for under-garment retention. I'm glad to see you found much evidence of snakes shedding their latex skins deep into the desert. You want to be careful using those things near cacti, with a high risk of puncturing due to cactus spine.

With all that sun available down there, your jenkem production must be at full capacity. Keep up the good work, Good Doctor.

Nico Toscani said...

DOKTOR comes through and crushes said post. I had so much fun reading this I read it again. The tales he has told are completely true, come and see for yourself next March.

Orin Boyd said...

DoctOr! That was amazing! You're a fucking jerk! I will see you for HTFU666!

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Doctor, simply amazors. Nice job wi the underwear safari and latex snake rustling. We lack such fine reptiles back here but do catch the occasional Coney Island whitefish floating in the waters. Way to crush spring training and the Big Friggin Loop.

cockpunchOr said...

Fuck you, Jerks! Looks like yet another amazing time with solid sexy wilderness party-time evidence and everything! Top notch.

Jerkward, the new whip is quite nice, too, btw. You and Strove FrOrdmOrn are twinsies! GTF'd, everyone.....PunchOr

Doctor said...

Jerks!!! Az spring training was a blast as usual. Open invite to any other jerks that want to harden the fuck up (not in the Criss Angel sense of the phrase.) Ya'll git totally fucked now ya hear