A Little DBH Reconnaissance

Greetings, Team Seagal tifosi. On a cold yet inspirational Monday, the task was set upon me, Casey "The Glacier" Ryback, to check the status of some roads to be found on the upcoming Death By Hills route, 2015 edition.

Departing from my South City HQ, the weather was less than inviting, but I did in fact manage to take a circuitous route that, ultimately brought me to one of my favorite StL summits:

I'm here to report that the hill is still incredibly challenging, but a little Superior Attitude and Superior State of Mind carried me to the top, lickity split, no shit. I didn't stop at the top for long - just enough time to take a rip from my E-Balloon, which had me feeling nicely euphoric for the return trip.

It is hard enough to climb those hills on a bike, so I have decided to give one of these a shot, in hopes it can make the climbing easier:

...yeah that's an E-Treadmill Cycle.

 So in the meantime, get your rear derailleur's lower-limit screw set properly, and while you're at it, GTMV'd.

-Casey F. Ryback

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Kate Geisen said...

Two posts in a week...look out, world!